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Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm PDT
people accused of bilking homeowners. >> michael finney has been reporting on this since the very beginning. >> and so many homeowners have been biked by scams like these. homeowners will pay fees with promises and others pay hefty fees on promises better mortgage terms being negotiated on their behalfs there is a sunt from brentwood authorities prosecuted him earlier this year. and there are feds handing down an indictment. >> you'll see there are a number of run ins with law enforcement in the past. i don't think he's faced anything as serious as know. >> and there is identified 91,000 vulnerable victims. >> and i'll continue to follow this case. >> fear that's food prices appear to be high appear unfounded. economists say an increase is unlikely since fuel is only a smart percentage of the cost of farming. and there is economies paying more on the dollar. shoppers will be able to get same day delivery shopping online. part of tests being run in a handful of cities including san francisco and san jose. customers will be able to order select toys and equipment for a delivery char
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
michael finney tonight shortage of a key ingredient in diapers could soon cost parents more. >> and people living in the coliseum get satisfaction after a loud music event kept them up. the news continues in one minute. >>> a big scare over a little misunderstanding when a man was driving to work and wearing a costume that sent police into response mode. we're live. >> there is no question about that. this 29-year-old man was on the way to work in this store and so alarmed the public police were called and let's show you why. >> what would you think if you saw someone dressed like this going down the street? he was on his way to work when police stopped him after frightened people called 911. >> i have my work he we're supposed to be wearing costumes to greet customers. and this is a costume i was going to be wearing he was also wearing a pineapple grenade shown here in a photo he posted to his facebook page. and the bomb squad responded. >> this is intimidating to people. someone called to let them know what is going on. >> and he was cited and the manager at the store says he was suppose
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2